640 Credit Score Jumbo Loan

640 Credit Score Jumbo Loan

Borrowers must have been continuously employed for 2 years, self-employed borrowers must have been operating the same business for 2 years.

Minimum credit score 640 based on no less than three trade lines established for one or more years, no history of foreclosure or bankruptcy over the past four years, no late housing history over past year and no late installment debt over past six months.

Personal tax returns for past 2 years with a maximum debt to income ratio of 46%. 

Purchase or refinance get the lowest jumbo mortgage rates for self employed borrowers.


80% to $450,000

75% to $850,000

65% to 1,250,000

Rate & Term Refinance

80% to $450,000

75% to $850,000

65% to 1,250,000

Cash-out Refinance

70% to $850,000

60% to $1,250,000

Max Cash-Out

$250,000 at 70% LTV

$500,000 at 60% LTV

$750,000 at 50% LTV

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640 Minimum Credit Score Jumbo Loan

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