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Welcome to Florida Mortgage Rates Refinance FHA-World We offer a large selection of mortgage products to refinance or buy a home. We can provide you with all the financing services you need at a great rate.

Whether you're planing to refinance, buy your first home, lower your monthly payments, buy a second home, consolidate debt or get pre-approved for a mortgage. We are devoted to providing you with first class personal service, featuring the ultimate in technology, courtesy, reliability and dependability.

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Our team has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Our commitment to you will always be to make your experience with FHA World the very best it can be at the very best rates possible with a total focus on service, honesty, reliability and all with your complete satisfaction in mind.

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FHA World Florida - FHA Loans

FHA Refinance - FHA refinance loans allow borrowers to reduce the interest rate on your current mortgage.

FHA Cash Out Refinance - FHA cash out refinance allows home owners to reduce their interest rates and get cash.

FHA Streamline Refinance - FHA streamline refinance refers only to the amount of documentation and underwriting that needs to be performed.

FHA 203K Loan - The loan program offers the borrower one mortgage loan, to finance both the acquisition and the rehabilitation of the property.

FHA Purchase - For most Americans, an FHA loan is the best way to finance the purchase of a new home.

FHA Closing Cost - Generally refers to a group of fees the buyer and/or seller must pay during the closing settlement process.

FHA Mortgage Rates - Today's historically low interest rates make now the perfect time to purchase a new home or refinance.

FHA World Florida - FHA Loans

An FHA loan is a loan insured against default by the FHA. In other words, the FHA guarantees that a lender won't have to write off a loan if the borrower defaults the FHA will pay. Because of this guarantee, lenders are willing to make mortgage loans.

Almost anybody can get an FHA loan. There are no income limits – like you may find with first time home buyer programs. However, there are limits on how much you can borrow. In general, you're limited to mortgage loans relative to home prices in your area.

FHA World Florida - FHA loans become popular again

Following the mortgage crisis that started in 2007, FHA became one of the main sources of mortgage financing in the United States.

The share of home purchase financed with FHA mortgages went from two percent to over thirty-five percent of mortgages in the country.

Without conventional source of financing, many borrowers ended up borrowing from FHA.

FHA Loan application:

  • 2007 - 532,494

  • 2008 - 1,700,000

  • 2009 - 3,100,000

  • 2010 - 4,300,000

FHA World Florida - The National Housing Act of 1934 created FHA

The program originated during the Great Depression of the 1930s, when the rates of foreclosure and defaults rose sharply and lenders had stopped making new loans.

The goals of FHA is to improve housing standards, to provide an adequate home financing and to stabilize the mortgage market.

In 1965 FHA became a part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

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Minimum Credit Score 600 for 3.5% Down Payment

A perfect credit score is not needed for an FHA loan approval. In fact, even if you have had credit problems, such as a bankruptcy, it's easier for you to qualify for an FHA loan than a for a conventional loan. Credit scores down to 600 are accepted if there are compensating factors that offset the credit risk.

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FHA Lenders in Florida

FHA Credit Score needed to buy
a house or refinance

FHA loan requirements new borrowers with less than a 580 credit score will be required to put down at least 10%

FHA requires a minimum credit score of 500 to buy a home or refinance


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy at least two years must have elapsed since the discharge date


Foreclosure must have been resolved for at least 3 years

Government loan: Seasoning is determined by the date the claim was paid

Loans other than Government: Seasoning is determined by the date of sale the lender sold the property

Short Sale

FHA guidelines requires three year past from the date of sale of the property

What documentation will I need?

  • W2's or Personal tax returns for 2 years
  • Current pay stubs for the past month
  • Bank statements for last 2 months (all pages)
  • Clear copy of Driver’s License (front and back)
  • Clear copy of SS card (front and back)

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