NJ Refinance Investment Property

NJ Refinance Investment Property

Refinance Investment Property are still available. Maximum loan-to-value rate and term refinance is 80% of the property. You must have 620 credit score and you must be able to show enough income to carry the new payment. A single borrower can often finance up to 5 properties however, those who own more than one financed property will need to meet additional requirements.

Cash-Out Refinance are allowed up to 75% loan-to-value.

Just for the Investor who purchases multiple properties and needs low interest rate financing for Purchase, or Refinancing Rate and Term, or Cash-Out.

Investors are Typically Allowed:

  • Non Owner Occupied Mortgages 1 to 4 Family
  • Multiple Properties
  • 100K Minimum Loan Amount
  • NO Prepayment Penalty for 30-year term mortgages
  • Temporary Buy-downs (restrictions may apply)
  • Minimum Credit Score 620 (generally)
  • May need Rent Loss Insurance
NJ Refinance Investment Property. >>>>>

I would like to express my appreciation for the remarkable services you rendered on behalf of Kathy and myself. The hard work and dedication you put into making our home buying experience pleasant and our dream home come true.

The closing process went smoothly a lot of paperwork to sign. We have the keys and will start the process of moving for last time. We are looking forward to many happy wonderful memories in home. Thank You again for your help and keeping the faith.

Thanks for ALL you have done...it's been a long journey but with God on our side we made it through. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that is in the market of a lender.

Again I want to thank you!

Eirec & Kathy

Parrish, FL

Mr. Luis,

I just wanted to say again much thanks goes out to you!!!! I was kinda worried at first but you put me at ease. I really appreciate all your hard work & effort to see me thru. When I first spoke with you last year about getting a loan, you told me if Lord's willing. This has come into effect. I am very grateful & thank God and you for all your wonderful hard work. I know that at some point we wanted to put each other in the headlock (smiles). But you saw me thru & thank You. Enjoy your evening

BEST WISHES to do many many more home loans....

Thanks Robin


www.MORTGAGE-WORLD.com LLC is an online mortgage company specializing in FHA loans for first time home buyers.

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www.MORTGAGE-WORLD.com LLC is an online mortgage company specializing in FHA loans for first time home buyers.

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FHA Credit Score needed to buy
a house or refinance

FHA loan requirements new borrowers with less than a 580 credit score will be required to put down at least 10%

FHA requires a minimum credit score of 500 to buy a home or refinance


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy at least two years must have elapsed since the discharge date


Foreclosure must have been resolved for at least 3 years

Government loan: Seasoning is determined by the date the claim was paid

Loans other than Government: Seasoning is determined by the date of sale the lender sold the property

Short Sale

FHA guidelines requires three year past from the date of sale of the property

What documentation will I need?

  • W2's or Personal tax returns for 2 years
  • Current pay stubs for the past month
  • Bank statements for last 2 months (all pages)
  • Clear copy of Driver’s License (front and back)
  • Clear copy of SS card (front and back)

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